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According to experts, the average length of a fully erect penis is between 5 and 6 inches.As a jelqing device it is also very powerful, you use both hands to push down while collecting as much tissue and cell matter as possible, then hold it at the maximum position.If you ever feel sharp pains or serious discomfort while stretching you are doing something wrong and should stop immediately.

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We also created a zip file for those who would like to download the whole package of penis enlargement materials.It sounds time consuming but an extra 10 minutes to guarantee your penile health and virility is a small trade off.

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But I can get a lot deeper into the pelvic bone with the palm facing down.This simple warmup (and cool down) should always be performed before and after every workout routine (except kegels) to help you keep your penis safe.Repeat this process by stretching your penis down, up, to the left, and to the right.Prior to performing any penis exercises, or even doing penis enlargement routines using pumps or extenders, warming up is vital.You just place this device on your penis for a couple hours each day and forget about it.

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The penis is a muscle, after all, and this is basically the same as doing other types of exercising.

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As stated earlier, the approach to jelqing is similar to building up any muscle in your body.

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Spend five minutes warming up, another five minutes to stretch, and then jelq for 10 minutes or perform at least 20 strokes.

MOVE UP: With light pressure on the grip, slowly move it up your penis.The warm-up and warm-down are both of concern to avoid penile injury.

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Place some lubricant like baby oil on both hands and rub it into your semi-erect penis.The jelq exercise is considered the best approach to get a penis size increase.Using a penis extender is the best way I learned how to straighten a bent penis.

Consult with a provider of proven and safe techniques before.A tourniquet grip is much tighter than a standard jelq grip, no blood should pass through the grip and it should not be able to slip down the shaft.After about 3rd week, work yourself up to jelq sessions that last 30 minutes or so (more than 500 strokes) as strong as you can.The best way to do so is by measuring the entire length of the penis, beginning at the base all the way down to the tip.I am still applying upward pressure with the clamped hand as the heal of the upper hand continues to push the blood around. Very.The hand clamped off at the extreme base slowly and intensely jelq up maybe an inch.This way you get to maximize their effectiveness and save time all at once.

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Once in this position I take the heal of the other hand and squash the blood from by head downward against the hand clamping.Then, making an OK sign with your index and thumb, firmly grip your penis at the base, and slide your hand down to the head of your penis.This makes your penis and all of your spongy tissue within the penis warmed up and stretched out enough to where chance for injury is very minimal by over exertion.

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Turn your hand inward so your thumb and index finger are the closest fingers to your body.Grasp the top of your penis and move it in left, right, up and down directions.

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The e-book and all the exercise videos are included in this zip file.This is the talk page for discussing improvements to the Penis enlargement article.

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Slapping your penis against your leg is a popular way to get it ready for further stretching and milking.

It involves squeezing the penis with 2 fingers and stroking it from the base, away from the body.So, if your length is at least 5 inches, there is absolutely no reason to worry.