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A temperature of 102 degrees F is considered a high fever for a child over 3 months old.Then aim the tip of the ear probe between the opposite eye and ear.The normal body temperature for a baby is no different than the rest of us. 98.6f (37c) is considered the norm.

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Any body temperature that is consistently between 95-100F is considered safe and normal.For example, today is the 14th day since i had my first fever, i only have a short time of slight fever for like 1 hour and then my body temperature went back to under 98.6 which is the normal.

Klein JO, Schlesinger PC, Kurasic RB Management of the febrile infant 3 months of age or younger.

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The normal body temperature has long been thought to be 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, but there are several factors that affect body temperature.Updated on July 17, 2008 J.H. asks from North Dighton, MA on.

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Parents like this thermometer because it takes less than 2 seconds.

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Normal body temperature for 1 year old - What is the normal body temperature for 1 year old.

No wonder fever can make a child look like they have pneumonia.

There are guidelines for determining what is considered a high fever and when to call a doctor about the presence of a fever.

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A body temperature of 35.7 to 35.9C is quite close to the acceptable averages in temperature, and should not USUALLY be cause for alarm.

Log the dates of the fevers and temperature and note the time the temperature was taken.

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CONCLUSION: Older subjects have mean oral body temperatures lower than 98.6 degrees F.

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