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This term means the maximal volume of air that can be inhaled after completion of resting inspiration.Amount of air inhaled or exhaled with each breath under resting conditions.The maximum volume of air that can be inspired in addition to the tidal volume.Inspiratory Reserve Volume in Table 1. 9. Move the cursor to the valley that represents your maximum expiration.

Tidal volume (TV) measures the amount of air that is inspired and expired during a normal breath.Lung volumes (see Figure: Normal lung volumes. ) are measured by determining functional residual capacity (FRC) and with spirometry.It is the volume of air that can be inhaled after a normal expiration. 2. It includes tidal volume and inspiratory reserve volume.It is the sum of the TIDAL VOLUME and the INSPIRATORY RESERVE VOLUME.The additional volume of air taken in, in excess of tidal volume with maximal inspiratory effort is the inspiratory reserve volume (IRV).

On average, this volume is around one-half liter, which is a little less than the capacity of a 20.Draw a typical spirometer trace identifying the four primary lung volumes and four lung capacities.Expiratory Reserve Volume (ERV) is the maximum volume of additional air that can be expired from the end of a normal expiration.

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The inspiratory capacity (IC), the maximal amount of air that can be inhaled from the end expiratory lung volume (EELV) that normally corresponds to the static functional residual capacity (FRC), has been neglected as spirometric measurement for a long time.For an adult 70 kg-weighing man comes to a value of about 3000 ml.

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It is a complicated interplay of hemodynamics and respiratory physiology, body position, body fluid status, cardiovascular condition and status and other factors.Amount of air that can be forcefully inhaled after a normal tidal volume inhalation.

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Inspiratory reserve volume (IRV): It is the maximum extra volume of air that can be inspired over and above the normal tidal volume.

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Adding two or more volumes together results in a lung capacity.

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