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Left, in the supine AP (anteriorposterior) position the x-ray tube is 40 inches from the patient.This particular chest X-ray is often used frequently to aid diagnosis of acute and chronic conditions in intensive care units and wards.This work-up included upright full-spine radiographs, supine bending radiographs, supine MRI, and prone CT as is the routine in one of our institutions.

This highlights the inadequacy of supine AP chest radiography for detecting pneumothorax and the requirement for a thoracic CT or ultrasonography to rule out the diagnosis in trauma patients.

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A System for looking at the film. 1. Name and side marker. 2. Film quality.This allows any free intra-abdominal gas to rise up, forming a crescent beneath.Methods. Sixty-two AIS patients scheduled for scoliosis surgery, and having undergone standard pre-operative work-up, were included.

Failure to appreciate this will lead to a misdiagnosis of pulmonary congestion.

However, the important message I would like to give is, to adopt one or the other approach, and to use the chosen approach consistently. On.This is a PA film on the left compared with a AP supine film on the right.Virtually every abdominal X-ray is an AP film, i.e. the beam passes from front to back with the cassette behind the patient, who is lying down with the X-ray machine overhead, but these are occasionally accompanied by erect or even decubitus views (also APs).The position of the scapulae can serve as a clue that a film was acquired anteroposteriorly.Satou et al.: Chest X-Ray to Predict Cardiac Enlargement 221 sitivity (58.8%) and positive.

If the patient is very unwell, a portable film can be arranged, although such films tend to be of a poorer quality than those performed within the radiology department.DIGITAL X-RAY ARTICLES Proper positioning for the pelvis and proximal femur The lowdown on lumbar spine positioning Radiographic positioning techniques for the cervical spine Boning up on humerus, clavicle, and AC joint positioning Getting the most from shoulder positioning The bends and flexures of forearm and elbow x-ray positioning The twists and turns of hand and wrist x-ray positioning.Erect Chest X-ray - Pneumoperitoneum Pneumoperitoneum (free gas in the abdomen) does not always indicate perforation of an abdominal viscus.Erect plain abdominal radiograph of the abdomen in a 69-year-old woman presenting with features of small-bowel obstruction.We use the pre-drug mode for the upright spirometry and post-drug mode for the supine spirometry and are able to label the post-drug mode as Supine.Patients presenting with an acute surgical abdomen should be investigated with an ERECT chest X-ray, as well as the standard supine abdominal X-ray.

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The PA erect abdominal radiograph is often obtained in conjunction with the AP supine abdominal view in the acute abdominal series of radiographs.

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In a supine film, blood will flow more to the apices of the lungs than when erect.The position of the femoral vessels is marked to avoid inadvertent puncture.Reading a chest x-ray, though looks simpler, often overlooked by us.

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Usually the radiographer will mark the film with a badge or write on it by hand.

If, in addition, a lateral view of the chest is included with the chest x-ray, you would code 74020 and 71020 (radiologic examination.The supine radiographic findings were correlated with findings on subsequent standing erect posteroanterior and lateral radiographs.Pricing for patients who prefer to pay cash due to lack of insurance or high deductible.The first is the silhouette sign, which can localise abnormalities on a pa-film without need for a lateral view.Patient variables included thickness, mass, or shortening fraction z-score.