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Cool-down activities focus on slow movements and stretching, allowing the heart rate to return to normal after vigorous activity.

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Cool-Down Games for Kids by Cindy Bross, PhD on Jun 20, 2013 Since many schools no longer offer physical education, a lot of fitness professionals are volunteering their time before and after school.Using a proper cool down is one of the most effective ways to prevent muscle soreness.We all need some moments of peace and quiet in our busy lives, and this helps both parents and children.A proper cool down simply makes you feel recovered after feeling like a whipped puppy after intense exercise.Some of these games are high-intensity, some are based on movement that stimulates brain activity, and some are designed with the simple goal of getting kids up, active and happy to move.

All of these games are designed to be played for between 5 and 10 minutes at the beginning or end of a PE period.Before or after a sports practice or a long bike ride, before bed, or anytime your child's muscles feel tense or tight, encourage her to try some easy stretches.Apply the same slow-down principle to the last five to 10 minutes of any exercise routine or sport.A solid cooldown ritual after your training runs and races is just as important to your performance and recovery as the warmup.

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A proper warm up will increase body temperature allowing your muscles and bodily systems to function better during strenuous exercise and prevent sport-related injuries.If the sock is not hot enough, put it back into the microwave for additional time.

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A cool-down provides the body with a smooth transition from exercise back to a steady state of rest.

An effective and thorough warm up and cool down is essential to any training session.The importance of a structured warm up routine should not be under estimated when it comes to preventing sports injury.Jog for a bit so your body can gradually slow down and then move to static stretches -- stretching your quads, hamstrings, calves, back and other essential muscle groups.Find this Pin and more on PE agility, exerciese, fitness activities by Martha Murphy.Below are some ideas to help children ease into and out of the.Shooting is a good activity because it will lower the heart rate and simulate shooting while fatigued in games.These games are designed to maximize activity for kids in confined spaces (such as the classroom).

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This is the soreness that is usually experienced the day after a tough workout.

The physical education games that are described in this article can be played at the beginning of gym class as part of a warm exercise, during the period wholly or partially devoted to games or physical education activities or at the end of class as part of cool down exercises.The general goal of doing so is to help ease the body back into its pre-exercise state.All activities should include a warm-up, strength development, aerobic activity, and a cool-down.The lessons in this section address athletic skills such as body awareness and agility, as well as warm-up, cool-down, and stretching routines.

And cool downs are a good opportunity for reflecting on the match or coaching session and praising players for their hard work.

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They encourage students to stay relaxed, and to embody the attributes of great athletes.A good cool down should return heart rate its resting rate, lower the levels of lactic acid and adrenaline in the body and reduce soreness after practice or the next day.

How to warm up and cool down for dance class Stretching is a huge and important part of Irish dancing.Objective: This activity is designed to help your students learn how to cool down after running.

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The time should be divided among aerobic, muscle-strengthening, and bone-strengthening activities.

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Taking the time to cool down after a great exercise session, game or other activity is important for recovery and allows time to discuss accomplishments, provide feedback, set future goals and assign homework that youth can do on their own.

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Dancing increases adrenaline and endorphins (hormones) in circulations which can lead to restlessness and sleep.

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Every dancer should be stretching to warm up at the start of class, and stretching at the end of class to look after their body.Students learn a series of stretches for cooling down after running.